The project is fixed to the upgrading of the monitoring, observation and the research of the territorial areas with the usaging of the aero vehicle.
More highly demands are set to the realisation, research and monitoring of the expances from the point of view of the usage of time and as well safety and that is because of the constantly raising of the density of the road traffic.
On the other hand the expansion of the abilities of the aero vehicles for the aim of the aero works brings us to creation of the applicable case for the development of the alternative ways of monitoring and research. The aim of this project is to improve abilities and efficiency in the following fields:

  • investigation of the spaces, agrarian and other natural lands
  • observation and watching of the terrain, areas, regions
  • monitoring of the spaces
  • monitoring of the conflagrations

Aim of the project

The main principle of the project is the usage of the aeroplane as the vehicle for monitoring, research and observation of the territorial areas. The aeroplane offers for the written aims following advantages:

  • fast change of the observated area
  • independence from the concretation of the land roads
  • good coordination with the land units
  • comprendious analyse of the acquired information
  • higher economic efficiency when we compare to the usage of the helicopter

Air duties

Research, monitoring and observation and many other consecutive activities are the subject of the air duties which are ansured by the airplane. The exact specification of the kinds of the air duties is following:

  • the research of the spaces, agrarian works and other natural areas
  • observation of the terrain, areas, regions
  • monitoring of the spaces
  • monitorng of the conflagrations
  • air training of the operators and crews

Following scheme shows us examples of destinations, let us say distance with the concrete times of the transfer which can be provided by the airplane in the case that home airport is used and that is for the creating of the idea about options of the airplane’s utilization.



Distance (km)

Transfer by car

Transfer by airplane



2 hours 15 min.

0 hours 40 min.



2 hours 45 min.

0 hours 40 min.



3 hours 36 min.

0 hours 50 min.



5 hours 16 min.

1 hour 50 min.


The main vehicle of the project is the airplane Cessna FR 172 H which is up to standard of the project. We talk about single-engine airplane which is suitable for the universal usage because of its characteristics. It provides fund of opportunities for the assecuration of the flights in the meaning of the project’s claims and hereby it has low operating costs in the comparing with other aero vehicles (e.g. helicopter). The airplane is equipped by the equipments which are for the aim of the flying in the enormous weather condititions.


Description of the airplane in detail

Cessna FR 172 H

Year of the production: 1972

Engine: Continental O-470 S1B, 230 SHP


Bendix/King COM1

Bendix/King COM2

Bendix/King NAV1 (VOR)

Bendix/King NAV2 (ILS)

Bendix/King Transponder mode C

Autopilot 2 axis + NAV

Cessna 300 ADF

Cessna 400 Marker Beacon

S-Tec 50 Auto pilot

GPS Garmin 296

Home airport

The home airport of the airplane is The Airport Očová. It makes advisable conditions for the providing aero works in the whole region of the Slovak Republic because of the location in the central part of Slovakia. It is possible to arrange the storage of the airplane as well in the other airports according the claims because of the aims of the air works.


The operator of the airplane is the company SkyService s.r.o. which take care of the service of the airplane and provides following services:

Assecuration of the airplane’s service
Regular service
Obligatory examination
Preflight and postflight examination
Contact with LÚ SR
Hangaring of the airplane
Preflight preparation of the airplane
Postflight preparation of the airplane

Assecuration of the flight activity
Ordering and scheduling of the airplane’s usage
Flight’s preparation
Realization of the flight
Training of the flight crews

Additional services
Assecuration of the alternative airplanes for the concrete flights according the claims


The budget of the project comprises of the airplane‘s lease and the operator’s services for the purposes of this project. Price calculation of the flight class is following:

Flight class

7 300,-



Preparation of the airplane



7 800,-

The prices include DPH.
The price of the flight class includes following:

Mandatory insurance of the airplane (level of the insurance coverage is 54 000 000,- CZK)
Mandatory insurance of the crew (level of the insurance coverage 9 000 000,- CZK per person)
Motor hull insurance
hour operating costs (fuel, oil)
annual operating costs (regular service, corrections)
aero preparation


Sightseeing flight from Airport Očová


- lease of the airplanes
- aero works
- commercial flights
- sightseeing flights
- paradrops
- monitoring


Price begins at 70 €, discount using 33 €.

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